Cracking Tutorial

Cracking Tutorial

Cracking Tutorial

In this, I am going to tell you what is cracking

1: What is cracking?

Cracking basically means getting the email and passwords of other people. For example, you want to crack a Hotstar account and then find the email and passwords of people who subscribed to the premium version of Hotstar, and then we crack those accounts and use them

2: Combolist

Combolist is means a huge file that contains emails and passwords of different people (they are not specified for certain websites) they contain the email and passwords of different people who registered on different sites

2: Where to get the combo list!
You can get combolist by using Slayer Leecher(find this on YouTube) this program crawls around the web finding email and passwords based on your keywords or you can use SQL method (Injecting databases and getting email and password)

3: Checkers!
As the name suggests this software checks for valid email and password from your combolist. For example, you have a Hotstar checker! What you need to do is load your combolist into that checker and click start (obviously ) then the software checks for valid email and password from your combolist which are registered in Hotstar and has a premium account. So if an email and password combo from your combolist is registered in Hotstar and has a premium version then the software will show that the particular email and Password has a premium in Hotstar.

It helps us to sort out email and usernames and passwords which are premium versions from your combolist there is some other software like sentry MBA or storm which are created for penetration testing. We can use this software by loading configs . Penetration testing software is better than checkers. Proxy:
I guess most of you know what is proxy. It’s kinda like a VPN. Without these proxies cracking is nothing. If you don’t have good proxies then you can’t crack most of the sites. Proxies are important because some sites show captcha when you repeatedly try fake combos. To prevent this from happening we use proxies.

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