How to Earn $55+ Per DAY with PPI/PPD Network

How to Earn with PPI/PPD Network – Earn about $55+ Per day

How to Earn with PPI/PPD Network

Most active method  [$55+ A DAY] Use PinapFile to make loads of $! [ PPI/PPD Network ]

PinapFile is a Russian PPI/PPD (pay per install/download) network.

Minimum Payout – 1$ – PayPal /WebMoney – 1/12h [New user waiting up to 3 days on the first cashout]

How do you use PinapFile to make tens/hundreds of dollars a day? [0.06$ – 1.8$ per 1 Download]

First Step Make an account – REF (Bonus At First Cashout)

2) Go to your account and go to the Files tab. Here we will add any file (Preferably archive. Rename your archive for example “ Private Hack v3.5”). Here is a FILE you can remake for yourself, and for your game. (We call the file like this because we will upload videos on youtube with cheats for popular games. Youtube is free traffic, and cheats for games are always popular in search queries. Next, let’s talk about it in more detail.) After these actions, the file appears:
Click on the blue button and copy the link to your file:
I advise you to reduce this link. Many sites shorten links (for example bitly) So we have uploaded the file, and now we will distribute it.

3) Spread on youtube.

We need a google account with the youtube channel. You can buy it or register it yourself. The file will be distributed as a cheat on popular games such as -Fortnite. PUBG, ROBLOX, UNTURNED. (games can be picked up by yourself, even if needed because the more videos with cheats are filled with different games – there will be more profit)

Go to youtube and enter in search PUBG/Fortnite hack:

We are looking for a video where there will be a demonstration of cheats. Download any of these videos.
4) Now we upload this video to your youtube channel.
The name can be taken from the video that was downloaded and the description. And do not forget to add a link in the description to your file.

We are waiting for views and downloads.
Use QQtube for a 1000 free views trial. And 10k Traffic Exchanger for more views = Ur vids in Recommended

Or share something on random forums to make some $$$ | You Can get 0.06$ – 1.80$ per 1 Download

PPI/PPD Network

That’s all on How to Earn $55+ Per DAY with PPI/PPD Network

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