Is my carding plan good? Please help! Will send someone paypal money via stolen CC if you help

Is my carding plan good? Please help! Will send someone paypal money via stolen CC if you help,

Question(Is my carding plan good? Please help! Will send someone paypal money via stolen CC if you help)-

I have a question regarding how to drain some CC accounts fully. I have access to someones SSN, Bday, address, and all that good stuff. And i have created credit report usernames with the three beuraus using their identity, and to my delightful discovery, they have excellent credit….

Now, how can I open a bunch of CCs and completely dry them? Here is my fool proof plan of action. If anyone can guide me/let me know if you see any flaws, I will definitely appreciate it.

1. Change victims address on the credit beaureu websites to a vacant property.
2. Wait a few days for the effect to settle in — and then go to town on opening new cards and having them shipped to the new address.
3. Open a Chime Bank account using this persons identity. (only need SSN and bday). This way I can get a debit card to withdraw funds.
4. Using a burner phone, open 2 paypal accounts. One with the CCs in the wallet, and the other account will contain the chime account information.
5. Send money from the CCs to the paypal account, and deposit all funds into the chime account.
6. Hit the ATM

Instead of hitting ATM, can I use the debit card from Chime thats under their name to send out max $ Western unions? And pick the option to waive ID from receiver and just go pick the money up myself at diff western unions? To be extra safe, i'll use a reallygood but not obvious disguise.

Does this sound like it's pretty fool proof? I will use a disguise when hitting the atms at night, since there is a 1000 limit on the account I will have to do it a few weeks in a row depending how many cc I get and how greedy I am. Is there anyway to get caught? I am using burners for pre caution and will be masked at all times.

Thank you all




Sounds like a good plan but im new to this still. having a new adress works out perfect so the actual person doesnt have a clue on what is going on. i wouldnt go to the bank and cash out. stick to atm or with a new paypal account im pretty sure instead of going to an atm you can head to walmart and get money out of your paypal from there. if this works for you let me know. I have info on a couple people(ssn, ID, DOB, Address, etc.)


Awesome. You think paypal would block such a large transaction to another account? Or the new CC block a large transaction since the card just opened? I was thinking of avoiding this problem all together and just using western union online and sending money to a fake name and picking up the money at a location using a good disgusise. WU is nice because you can waive the ID option so anyone can pick it up. Do you have experience opening new cards and using them right away? DO they need to be aged first?


PayPal is an option but be aware that their security is pretty tight.

Accounts need to be aged, have history as they will not allow payments of large amounts right off the bat, aside from that payments will generally be put on hold.

Same concept you wanting to do in a sense to what PayPal transfers are. Large funds of say 1k transferred, which do not work unless account is of a certain spec.

Are you not able to open a localbitcoins or simliar and link the cards to that and buy BTC directly?


That could work. I generally work with PP transfers and these days accounts if not done right get a 60 limitation, 5 purchases and 250$ worth of transactions before limitations are removed. So you would need to be very patient when working with PayPal specially on new accounts..

I have a few MM accounts and also a Paxful verified account if you want to give that a try just drop me a PM and we can work something out. Can also get fully verified LBC accounts created.

That’s all on Is my carding plan good? Please help! Will send someone paypal money via stolen CC if you help

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