Method For Using 201 Chip Cards/dumps Instore

Method For Using 201 Chip Cards/dumps Instore

Using 201 Chip Cards/dumps InstoreUsing 201 Chip Cards/dumps Instore


So today I just wanted to spread some knowledge on using/ getting around 201 cards(cards with chips) I’m going to try to save you guys some trial and error as it took me months of trial and error before I got it down.

~~~ Scratching chip method~~~

  1. acquire a 201 dump. There are a good amount of verified vendors here so you won’t have trouble finding that if you need help picking a 201 dump pm I reply/ comment and I’ll post a HOW TO pICK THE BEST DUMP guide
  2. find someone who sells plastic with chip/ make your own (again if needed I can post a make your own plastic tutorial needed). I personally sell plastic so if needed pm me.
  3. once you have your plastic you need to emboss it with the person who’s gonna be using the cards name, and the dump info (expiration/card number)
  4. Now here’s the fun part lol(; you have to encode the dump onto your embossed plastic using a mag strip writer/ reader.
    • So now you might think you are ready, right? You got your legit-looking cc with the person’s info and your name on it and you’re ready to head in? Not so fast now we have to deal with the chip(;.
    • So in most 201 countries/states, you are still able to swipe a 201 if your chip is malfunctioning so what are we gonna do????
  5. lightly scratch the chip of the card with something metal not too hard not too soft. Now what we’ve all been waiting for when you’re in the store purchasing your products.
  6. When you’re at the check stand you will need to try to insert the chip card 3 times and after 3 times of (malfunctioning chip error) it will unlock the priceless 201 swipe<3 lol

That’s all on Method For Using 201 Chip Cards/dumps Instore

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