This Is Where To Get The Source Code And The Necessary Tools To Create Your Own Ransomware (EASY s**t Don’t Pay)

Be Very Careful With These And Make Sure You Know What You’re Doing Before f**king With Them, Because You Will Infect Yourself If You’re Not Careful. Open Them In A Regular Browser

Ok So Now That You Have Your Source Code And Your Ready For My Methods, let’s Move Forward

You Can Choose To Use An Sd Card, Micro Sd, USB Flash Drive, Cd, And (NOT Suggested) Floppy Disk

You Going To Find Some Pictures Online Of Semi-Naked Women On Vacation Or Any Other Picture That Is Attractive To The Curious Eye. Real Unfiltered Pictures And Make Sure They Are Of The Same Person. Don’t Use Your Camera Or Pictures. Copy Those Pictures Onto The The Device You Chose From Above And Name Them Realistically.

Example: Aruba Beach July 22, 2016, Or Dylans Bachelor Party. Get Creative. The Goal Here Is When The Victim Sees Your Pictures They Need To Click And Open Them. Hide The Ransomware In The Pictures Or If You Want to Make A Document They Have To Open, Pdf Etc. You Need To Make It Believable So Name It As You Would Name Something Of Your Own In Real Life So They Don’t Suspect Anything When Seeing The File Name. Don’t Overdue With Description Either. The Fewer Details And To The Point The Better. If You Explain Too Much The Element Of Curiosity Is Reduced.

When You Have Your Ransomware Custom Made Be Sure To Tell Them Which One Of These Methods You’re Going To Use So That They Can Customize The Ransomware To Your Needs. You Could Also Rename Documents That Say For Example Bank Statements, Probate Court Documents, Wire Transfer Proofs, Etc. Like I Said Be Creative Because Humans Have A Very Bad Habit Of Being Curious And If It Looks Like They Shouldn’t See It, Or They Shouldn’t Read It Then They’re More Likely To Open The File.

It’s Like Don’t Push The Red Button. Eventually They Will Push The Red Button. Hide The Ransomware Behind Every Document Or Picture Not Just One. Buy Yourself As Many Of Any Device You Choose As You Can Afford. Sd Cards Are The Most Effective For The Price, You Can Get 100 For 100 Dollars, They Don’t Need To Be Huge As Far As Space. USB Sticks Are Good Also And Can Be Decorated, I’ll Explain Below. Copy Your Customized Ransomware Hidden Behind Pictures Or Documents Onto The Storage Devices. Don’t Open The File Unless You Know How To Get Yourself Out. Ok So Now That You Have Hidden Your Ransomware Into The Pictures Or Documents And You Have Copied It To Your Device Of Choice, let’s Move Forward.

On The Sd Card Get A Small Label And Label It. Remember We Want Them To Open It So You Need To Take Advantage Of The Mind. Examples: Spring Break, Wedding, Christmas Party, Aruba Vacation, Euro Trip, Graduation, Amsterdam, Phone Numbers, Etc. You Get The Idea. Anything That Will Get Them To Say Hmmm I Wonder What Is In Here. You Want To Make It Feel Wrong Not Suspicious. You Can Even Decorate Usb Sticks And Get Creative With Different Colors And Put Gems On Them, Buy Cute Pink Ones And Put Files That Say Spring Break. Whatever You Do Make It As Believable As Possible. That Lowers Suspicion As Well.

If You Want Almost 100 Percent Success You Can Put The Sd Card In A Broken Digital Camera That You Can Buy For Really Cheap. You Don’t Want It To Work So They Can’t Open The Sd Card On The Camera And They Guaranteed Will Open It On Their Computer Instead Just Out Of Curiosity. Don’t Label This Sd Card If You Chose This Method. You Can Also Choose To Leave It Completely Blank And That Works As Well Pretty Well. Cds And Floppy Disks won’t Work As Well But Are An Even Cheaper Route And You Can Get Even More Creative With Labels And Can Disperse Thousands More For A Fraction Of The Price.

Now let’s Start Spreading These Anonymously.

Method 1:

This Is The Fun Part. Make Sure They Don’t Have Fingerprints On Them. This Is What My Friend Did. He Put 3 Layers Of Super Glue On The Tips Of His Index Finger, Middle Finger, And Thumb, You Can Do The Rest But Its Not Necessary. It’s Not Noticeable Like Wearing Gloves And Its Effective And Wears A Hat. Now The Fun Part Is Finding Locations. You Want To Find Places That Are Busy And Be Mindful Of Who Visits Such Place. For Example If You Go And Drop These In Walmart, Target, and Thrift Shops Your More Apt To Get Someone Who Can’t Afford The Ransom Vs. Going To Pier One Imports Or Barnes And Nobles, Casinos, Jewelry Stores, High End Restaurants, And Any Other Higher End Store. Remember You Want People With Money To Pick Up Your Device And The Best Way To Do That Is To Go Where They Go.

Try To Pick Out A Business Where There Are Lots Of Computers Which Will Make It More Likely They Will Open It On One Of The Critical Business Computers Making The Ransom Higher. School Grounds Are Good As Well, Colleges, Universities, Public Computer Rooms, Libraries. Be Very Discreet And Mindful Of Cameras At All Times. Put It Somewhere Not Too Noticeable As If It Had Fallen But Somewhere It Will Be Seen But Not Right Away. Bathrooms Are Good As Well. Hospitals Are Also Very Good, You Can Even Label Them Xrays, Biopsy Results Etc. High End Night Clubs And Strip Joints Are f**king Awesome Place To Drop These Things Because Of Their Low Lighting And Their High End Clientele.

Don’t Forget You Can Copy As Many Of These As You Want For A Dollar A Piece So Don’t Be Shy And Put Them In In Different Places And Don’t Visit The Same Place Again For A While After That. Try Not To Put More Than One In A Single Place. Be Completely Sober When You Do This As Well Just So Your On Your -A- Game And You Make No Mistakes. Being Under The Influence You May Slip Up And Not See A Camera Or Someone Sees You And Then Your f**ked Unless You Have An Awesome Lawyer. \

I Suggest You Put The First Ten Bitcoin Aside In Cash Incase You Do Need A Lawyer Because A Good One Can Get You Off. Drop One Under A Clothes Rack, On The Floor In The Bathroom, On The Main Counter Of The Business If Your Smooth And Theres No Caameras. You Can Literally Drop These Anywhere And If Your Creative Enough At Labeling Them Then You Will Have Close To 100% Success. As I Said Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings And Every Situation Is Different So Get Creative Now That You Have The Idea.

Method 2:

This Method Is A Little Riskier But Is Also Effective If Your Mindful Of Your Surroundings At All Times. When You Create Or Have Someone Create Your Custom Ransomware You Can Make It So That The Ransomware Is Installed Immediately When The Usb Is Inserted, Or You Can Manually Open It If You Have Ease Of Access And No One Can See You. Make It So That It Can Be Delayed To Activate In However Many Days Or Hours You Program It To. The Source Code Above Is Editable And Gives You Both Of Those Options. Also, Any Decent Custom Ransomware Maker Can Set That Up For You Easily. So, For Instance, You Take Your Usb Stick And You Go To The Local Library Or Computer Room Where Its Busy And People Are Constantly Using The Computers And You Put In The Usb Stick In The Computer, It Will Install Itself And Then Depending On How Many Days You Delayed The Activation Of The Ransomware It Will Activate On That Day You Set.

Again If You Don’t Want To Learn Basic Coding You Can Pay Anywhere From 20-500 Dollars To Have One Custom Made For You. See Links Above For Alphabay Vendors. Now You Have Your Ransomware On Your USB Flash Drive Device (RECOMMENDED) Go And Put It In Any Computer You Can Find And Don’t Forget That If It’s Delayed It Will Install Itself And Then 2 Or 5 Days Later When Your Long Gone Waiting For The Email To Arrive The Ransomware Will Activate And Their Computer Is f**ked Till They Pay You. Be Stealthy And Smart.

Distract A Clerk And Stick In The Flash Drive And Voila 2 Days Later An Email Arrives With No Clue It Was You, Unless Your Sloppy And Chose The Wrong Location. Remember Cameras They Are Everywhere And As Long As You are Mindful And Smart With Your Delayed Infection You Will Be Fine. A Lot Of Hospitals Are So Busy And There are Computers All Over The Place, Half Of The Time Unmanned And On. Game Rooms Are Ok But Be Careful They Have Good Protection. Get Creative Now That You Have The Idea.

Method 3:

This Method Is Also A Little Riskier But Success Is Good And You Can Pick Your Victim. With This One, You Can Use Any Of The Devices I Mentioned Above, Although An Sd Card Is Probably Best. With This Method Were Are Going To Be Mailing These To People. Now We Need To Get Really Creative So We Can Make The Victim Open The Letter And Be Curious Rather Than Cautious So We Need To Make It Semi Legit. People On Ebay Sell Lots Of Digital Files Stored On Usb Sticks Or Sd Cards, CDs, And Other Disks.

We’re Gonna Focus On Sd Cards, USB Sticks, And CDs. Get Some Nice Labels For The Cds. Label Them And Say Something Like, 12,000 Kindle Book Pack, Online Poker Cheating Program, Also Use Movies That Aren’t Out Of Theatres Yet So They Think They Have A Bootleg Version. Make Sure Again There Are No Fingerprints Anywhere On Anything You Ship. Put The Sd Card Or Device In The Padded Envelope And Put An Ebay Sticker On The Envelope Where The Closes As If For Extra Protection. Use Stamps, Shouldn’t Need More Than 3 But If You Ship A Bulky Usb Stick It May Be 4 Stamps.

Keep It Simple But Professional, Put The Sd Card In There In Its Protective Case And Label The Case Professionally. Don’t Put Anything Else In The Envelope. Find Your victim’s Name And Address And Write It On There. You Can Focus On Richer Families. If You Don’t Know Any You Can Easily Drive Around A Rich Neighborhood And Take Your Pick. Don’t s**t Where You Eat, Meaning Don’t f**k People In Your Neighborhood No Matter How Much You Want To. It Will Be The First Place Police Look. Go Home And You Can Find Out Who Owns The House On Google, Or Find A House That Has The Last Name On The Mailbox And Go Look In The White Pages And You Can Usually Find The First Initial Of The First Name, Or The Entire First Name.

You Can Even Go As Far As To Find Your Potential Victims on Facebook Or Other Social Media Site Once You Know Their Name And Address And Personalize The Label Of The Sd Card To Something Of Their Interest. When Putting The Return Address You Can Put Amazon Fulfillment Center, Or Chose An Actual Online Business That Will Sell What Your Labeling And Put That On There. The More Personal And Non-Threatening It Is The More Apt They Are To Open It. If One Of The Kids Of The Family Grabs It Your Damn Right They Will Open It.

Drop Them In A Box Preferably At Night And As I Said Before Be Aware Of Cameras. Don’t Drop Too Many At The Same Time In The Same Box. Move Around And Try To Ship Outside Of Your Town And Even State. You Can Find Out A Lot About Anyone Just By Simply Typing Their Name In On Google And As I Also Said Before You Can Send Out A Hundred Of These For 150 Bucks. One Person Will Give You Anywhere From Anywhere From 0.5 Btc To 20 Btc Depending On The Value Of The System You Have Encrypted. Be Careful And Cautious And Do This Sober!

Method 4:

This Method Has An Almost 100% Success Rate But Is Fairly Risky. Almost Every Store Nowadays Sells Sd Cards Or USB Storage Drives. Most Of These Drives Come In Clamshell Paper And Plastic Packaging. When Heated This Packaging Can Come Apart With A Little Effort And Tlc With Almost No Sign It’s Been Tampered With. Razor Blades Work Well Too. Buy A Bunch Of Whatever Device You Want To Use And Is Readily Available. Chose Ones That Sell Well In Stores So You Don’t Have To Wait A Long Time For The Bitcoin. Open The Packaging Install The Ransomware On The Device And Use A Very Fine Layer Of Super Glue To Glue It Back. Do Not Over It Cause If It Looks Like It Got Tampered With Then Your Out Of Luck And it Its Trash.

Use A Little Bowl And Empty The Whole Bottle Of Liquid Super Glue Not The Gel s**t And Get A Q-Tip. Do This Only When You Have All Of Your Packages Ready To Be Glued Back Together So You Can Do Them All At Once Before The Glue Dries. Depending On What Ransomware You Get You Can Either Put The Auto Install Ransomware Or Put A File On There Where Out Of Curiosity The Victim Will Open It. Glue Them All Back Together Go Back To Stores And Pretend Like Your Grabbing One And Put Two Back But Behind The First One. Again Be Careful And Aware Of Cameras And Be Smooth And Deny Everything If You Ever Get Caught. Don’t Ever Admit A f**king Thing Ever. If You Literally Not Say A Word Unless You Were Caught With The f**king Thing In Your Hand, And Even Then, Then You Will More Than Likely Walk.

These Are The Freshest Of The Fresh And Unsuspecting People Will Fall For Them, I Guarantee It. Before Doing Anything Always Check 10 Times If It Can Get Traced Back To You In Any Way. Cameras Cameras Cameras. When Setting Your Price Don’t Be Too Greedy But Firm. Most People Can Afford 1000 Dollars And If You Get The Right Ones They Will Pay Up To $10,000 Dollars. If Your Really Good And Infect A State Building Or A Courthouse You Can Get $50,000-$200,000 Dollars Out Of Them Because They Don’t Store Anything On Clouds And The Information To Them Is Priceless. Just Google How Much Police Departments And Hospitals Have Paid In Multiple Cases. This Is By Far The Easiest Way To Get Bitcoins Without Risking Your a$$ Buying Stolen Credit Cards And the Headaches Of Trying To Buy Bitcoins With Them. At Least With A Couple Of These Methods If Someone Does Pick Up Your Sd Card And Opens It Up And f**ks His Computer And It Does Get Traced Back To You By Photo Or Camera And You Are Caught Red Handed Then All You Have To Say Is I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About.

:)They Opened It At Their Own Risk. Period. Also, Protect Yourself On The Computer You Going To Be Using. Leave No Trace Of Anything On That Computer, Put Your Files Of Doom On A USB Stick And Hide It Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine. Get Creative. As Always If You Have A Moral Compass Then This Is Not For You.


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