Why do the fraud get caught? Just because of their ignorance or unawareness about the technology they are using. A business mind and an entrepreneur both cannot just make money but you have to protect yourself legally. This rule applies to either whether real-world or Dark-Net. There are numerous ways to get caught and be traced. At first, we will open up the ways with which your computer can be easily tracked.

The easiest way is to track your IP address which could be easily hidden by using a proxy or VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you have got your real IP revealed, the concerning authorities will immediately bump into your service provider then having your address will not be a big deal and surely your door will be knocked on soon after that.

They need your name in it for once only and it’s not a problem for them to prepare your criminal history within no time. You need to keep it secret and remember that your IP is attached to each e-mail while sending and even with Gmail and all other online e-mail apps.
Secondly, the latest form of unique identification is Browser fingerprinting. When you go to your web browser the software configuration instantly generates a unique fingerprint that could be easily tracked as soon as you browse. Moreover, every bit of information that you share/post on various websites contains information for instance when you share anything you are simply leaving your clue about what time zone you are from even if you are not providing any personal information.

Now let me talk about breaking your identity through domains but for this purpose, we have to discuss each domain. Starting from your computer! How do the agencies find out about you from your computer??? What are digital clues they leave behind???

Here’s a chain example of all the information that points you out: Your real-life (Public face) and geography>>>Digital fingerprint>>>User’s Cyber face. All they do is go back in the reverse direction linking you to digital fingerprints and ultimately identifying you as a person. Now we need to know what techniques, tools, and access an agency’s officer may possess to build or rebuild a fraudster’s ID.

1: IP ADDRESS: Every computer has an exclusive number on the network. Every website you visit keeps this number saved and binds it with your activities. Law enforcement officials do trace your IP address and reaches your very physical address by calling your Internet Service Provider (ISP) which keeps your records.
Almost all the fraudulent know this very well and have protections against it by using a proxy or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) either.

2: BROWSER FINGERPRINTING: This is a collection of a computer and/or mobile for identification objectives. This method is used for partial or full identification of an individual or device even when their cookies/JavaScript is turned off. A lot of this can occur through tor. There are many people who feel they are safe behind a proxy or VPN but unfortunately, this is not enough to keep you from prison. Your installed fonts, software, operating system, etc contain your fingerprints. Amazingly, when they keep all this information together it makes a unique fingerprint of you as a user that can be used in court to identify you uniquely. Therefore, using a Hacked Remote Desktop along with a VPN to hide is the best idea. At least, it makes 2 veils between you and the agencies.

3: HTML5 CANVASSING: This process uniquely identifies you through your graphic card and computer configuration means you could be traced even if you are behind a proxy or a VPN. To draw a unique map in a hidden area of your computer screen then make a mess up into the lines drawn as two computers cannot be the same in any way. Again, using a Hacked Remote Desktop along with a VPN to hide is the best idea.

4: SNITCHES: Never give out your real name or any other detail on the dark net. If one of your vendors gets caught they can name you to get their time lessened. Never meet publicly, never make a call or send an e-mail from your clear net.

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