Skimmer for ATMs with  Deep Insert

Skimmer for ATMs with  Deep Insert

Skimmer for ATMs with  Deep InsertSkimmer for ATMs with  Deep Insert – Ncr, Wincor Nixdor, Diebold Insert Skimmer. Full Kit ready for work. The battery can last up to 48 hours, outside temperature doesn’t affect to skimmer’s working time because the skimmer is located inside ATM. Store up to 15000 credit card tracks.

Full Kit Include Insert and remove tools, data cable, and software CD, this is plug and play product that is ready for work.

Available to order PIN pad as an extra option.


Deep insert atm skimmer for sale online

Deep insert skimming is the biggest problem with ATM card fraud around the world because it can’t be stopped by jamming or detection technologies. Deep insert skimming and shimming devices are put deep inside the card reader and can stay there for days or weeks, stealing information from the magnetic stripes of thousands of payment cards.

Credit / debit Protection Plate works because it fills the space in the card reader that thieves need to do deep insert skimming and shimming successfully. But the patented design and construction of Card Protection Plate are very advanced. Unauthorized people can’t move or take off Card Protection Plate, and most importantly, it protects cardholder data without changing how the card reader works.

ATM Insert skimmer price starts from 1400$, to place an order please contact us or place your order directly in our shop

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