Amazon Carding Tutorial/Guide Updated for New Users

Amazon Carding Tutorial/Guide Updated for New Users

Amazon Carding Tutorial

Here is another tutorial/guide to help you have better success at carding Amazon. I believe there are various methods on how to do it, but this is one that I have put together with advice and help from various vendors and posts on forums.

Requirements for Amazon Carding:

CC with FULL billing information (do make sure that it is a nice BIN such as Gold or Platinum)

E-mail account that is related to the cardholders name (as an example if the cardholders name is Joe Bloggs, you would want an e-mail such as [email protected])

Socks5 Proxy which is matching to the cardholders city and state (it is best to use private proxies, as free ones are used and abused a lot causing a delay in speed/connection which will then cause a timeout in transaction which raises suspicion, resulting in a declined order)

Before starting make sure that you have all the things ready listed in the requirements above, be sure that you are connected to your proxy by going to What Is My IP – The IP Address Experts Since 1999. With everything in check go to the Amazon website and register for a new account using the cardholder’s information and the email account you created linking to the cardholder’s name.

Amazon is constantly trying to clamp down on fraudulent activities so they monitor everything and cancel orders that seem a bit weird, which would practically be, a new account that has been signed up, and a big order made straight away. Or for some people it’s just logging in on a non-related account, no proxies, and using a card then cannot understand why their order gets declined.

So be patient is the point I am trying to get at and make sure that everything is in proportion before proceeding to do anything. Now with the new account you have just created add any item to your cart below $100, £100, etc. as you don’t want to raise suspicion by placing a big order. Once the item you have chosen is in your cart, do not proceed to payment, sign out of the account. Wait at least 4 to 6 hours before signing back in to proceed to payment.

When you are ready to sign back into the account make sure you are still using the same Socks5 proxy linking to the cardholder’s city and state. Proceed to payment and fill in all of the information correctly, obviously for billing details you want to put the cardholders details and for the shipping details put your drop address but make it more believable by stating it is a gift for a family member or partner.

If all of the steps have been followed correctly you should be granted with a successful payment, with your package being processed for delivery, but that’s not the end of it…

When you have successfully carded the first item (received a tracking number for your package) your account has then been reviewed by Amazon and “approved”. You should then be able to card anything from up to at least $800 without a problem at all.

Do note that this tutorial/method is not 100% guaranteed to work, but from it you can at least learn stuff that could be useful to do on other websites. I wish you all happy carding and good luck.

That’s all on Amazon Carding Tutorial/Guide

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