Botnet Tutorial: How to make your own botnet★

Botnet Tutorial: How to make your own botnet ★

Botnet Tutorial

[#1] – Welcome(Botnet Tutorial: How to make your own botnet ★)

Hello there, I’m glad that u are reading this tutorial about botnets, I hope you enjoy my tutorial (My first one).
If u see any gramma Fails, Please let me know (My first language isn’t English)

[#2] – What is a botnet.

In this section, I will try to explain what a botnet is, And what u can do with it.

– What is a botnet.
A botnet is a network of Infected computers, It also can be Phones, iPads , And other mobile devices,

– How big are botnets
Botnets Can be very small, like 100 bots, But it also can be VERY big, then we are talking about +20K (Over a Mill can be possible to)

– What can I do with a botnet

There are a lot of things u can do with a botnet, Bellow u will see a list + an explanation
of identity theft (Carding): I’m not going to explain this. (Saw it isn’t allowed here)

Spamming: Sending Random emails to Lots of Emails at once (Can get u some big money)
DDOS: Most people use their botnet for DDOS, I will explain DDOS later.
Account Stealing: Something like Carding (Just normal accounts like emails and game accounts)

[#3] – What are DDOS and DOS.

DDOS: DDOS means Distributed denial of service, With this type of attack a Botnet will attack one target at once (Power depends on the Infected Devices)DOS: DOS means Denial of service with this type of attack only one device will attack a target.

[#4] – How to make a botnet(Botnet Tutorial: How to make your own botnet ★)

A botnet isn’t hard to make, U just need the resources, Which can be a VPS/Dedicated server, and Course a C&C (Control and Command System)
Download links will be at the end of this tutorial.

Now I’m going to explain to you very fast how to set up your own botnet (Umbra loader)

#1) First u need to find a VPS/Dedicated server where you can host your botnet (I recommend Russian, Romania, or German Hosting (For small botnets a US VPS will work also)
You can get a cheap VPS below here.

#2) If u buy a VPS with CentOS, Then u need to install an Apache server, and MySQL Serve

U can do that by entering the following commands in your CentOS VPS.
yum install HTTPs
yum install mysqld (Link)
And yum install PHP (Link)

#3) After installed these things, Go to /var/www/html/ And create a folder (Do it with ftp)
Upload Umbra in that folder, then go to /YourCreatedFolder/Panel/inc/config.php and edit this to your settings.

After edting , Go to your browser, And then type in https://YourIpOrDomain/YourCreatedFolder/Panel/install.php, And the panel will be installed.
Now u can acces your Panel with the following link: ttp://YourIpOrDomain/YourCreatedFolder/Panel/

Now u can build your Virus.exe, Go to the umbra folder (In your own pc) And open prjBuilder.exe
Then enter all your settings in here, And spread! (First crypt it ofc)

[#5] – Ok what now?.
Now you have your Herder panel online, And now u want to ddos right?, U can search on google for G-bot 1.7 Cracked or Dirtjumper.
The installation will be the same as Umbra.

[#6] – Downloads.

Quote: Umbra 1.1.0 : (I do not own this)
G-bot 2.2 : (I do not own this)
DirtJumper V5: (I do not own this)
(Or get a Private Bot like me =D)​

[#7] – The End.
Thanks for reading my first tutorial on

Have a good day.

That’s all on Botnet Tutorial: How to make your own botnet ★



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