Carding money from cellphones – still a working scam

Carding money from cellphones – is still a working scam

Carding money from cellphones

Carding money from cellphonesYou’ve probably seen a lot of offers of quick earning money on testing apps.  Most of them are cunning (or not so) disguised fraud, the victim of which could lose a good amount from the cards. Of course, this method of carding is not entirely related to carding itself, but there have been many discussions about it on carding forums.

In this article, we will analyze how to transfer money from the victim’s phone using remote control programs.

What is the essence of the method?Carding money from cellphones

Remote access programs had a good purpose in themselves – to help solve user problems remotely, however, by providing full access to the phone, you give the attackers full control over everything that is there.

The method is quite simple – you persuade the victim to install a control program and transfer the device under your control.  Confusing the victim and lulling vigilance, you go to banking apps and transfer money to your account.  A separate option for Sberbank users is to transfer money through the short number 900.

What is needed for him(Carding money from cellphones – still a working scam)

In fact, all you need is a few cards of the Sberbank or other banks with linked numbers, a secure phone, a proxy, and social engineering skills.

You can find a victim everywhere – for example, on freelance sites. Give a task to find a tester of mobile apps, offer him to download a remote access program and confuse him – see the characteristics of the phone, check its power, and download various apps. After the vigilance is put to sleep – feel free to check banking apps and transfer money to your cards.

The easiest way to do this is through 900 – check the balance and send the funds.  Now the method after 900 is somewhat outdated since Sberbank has limited the maximum transfer to 1000 rubles, however, with due persistence, it is enough to simply make 5-10 transfers.  After that, transfer funds from the card through BTC and withdraw them into a currency convenient for you.

From consumables, social network accounts can also come in handy.  It is better to select accounts of “business” people or successful “IT specialists”, and when communicating, negotiate a good salary per month – from 30-35 thousand, which will be more than enough for most of those caught.

What should be considered

Please note that it is worth working exclusively with smartphones that support remote control.  You should avoid iOS devices (where remote control applications are more difficult) and tablets because they often do not have any banking applications.

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