Do you really trust your VPN provider?

Do you really trust your VPN provider?

Today’s thread is about something important, something that we as illegal activists use every day!
I am talking about VPNs and specifically about VPN Providers.


so I think that the totality of you already know HMA and Express VPNs, providers!

well, i have bad news for you ! both of these VPNs records and save Logs / Reply to DMCA complaints.
Long story short ‘if you were using one these vpn’s you was risking your ass , and unitll now consider your self lucky that no one got you’

* Of course HMA & Express are not the only one who records your activities this is a short list from know vpn’s that do the same :

Vypr VPN , Witopia , Express vpn , security kiss , HMA vpn , boxvpn , ipredator , Air vpn , Steganos

Read this Articl:

//Now i think most of you are wondering!
if this is the list of the VPNs we should avoid using! then what is the VPNs that offer the best security and privacy!

//-Well first thing’s first, you need to know what are the qualifications of a Good VPN :

1- Don’t use & record any information that could be used to identify the user
2- Requires minimal personal information to sign up
3- Accepts cryptocurrency !!

So in the end I hope this little thread I created helped you even a little, and if it did!

That’s all on Do you really trust your VPN provider?

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