Ebay Carding New 2022 – FULL GUIDE FOR NOODS

Ebay Carding New 2022 – FULL GUIDE FOR NOODS,

Section 1: Security. 1) We need to get an eBay with email access.

2) We use email access to get access to PayPal.

3) We then get some socks5, I use [www.super-socks.com] Super Socks Service.

4) Always use the same state socks5. If you can use the same city. But not needed.

5) Check your socks5 on http://www.kingsocks.org to check for PP Blacklist.

6) Now login to your socks5, visit Check your IP address in system anti-fraud detections, detecting real location to verify no fraud detection.

Ebay Carding New 2022
Ebay Carding New 2022


Section 2: Securing the E-Mail.

1) Now we need to secure an E-Mail Account.

2) Create an email only to receive an email per account.

3) Log in to eBay/PP Mail Access.

4) Use the email forward option. We enable the “do not store” option.

5) Now all email is routed to our set-up email.

6) Make sure to enable/disable as you need. E.G. Only redirect when you’re AFK for a while.

Section 3: Using the PayPal/eBay Account(Ebay Carding [New 2022] – FULL GUIDE FOR NOODS)

1) Now we are all secure, it’s time to use the eBay Account.

2) Log in to the eBay account and find the item you want to card.

3) Card the item and checkout, remember to use your socks5.

4) Once checked out, immediately move the item to the archive.

5) Now we message the seller, we say that our family member’s birthday is in two days, can you ship directly to them. If they accept, go ahead, if not, ask for a refund.

6) Check the Inbox to make sure no messages are linked to your product.

7) Now visit the PayPal.com account, and make sure to archive payments to avoid detection.

8) When you ask/receive questions for your item. Always move items to the default “My Folder 1”

9) We use “My Folder 1” as it’s the default. The trash folder on eBay can’t be deleted, so we use this to keep it under the radar.

10) Move your item in and out of the archive to check status (E.G. Check if shipped etc)

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