How To Cashout CC By eGift Cards

How To Cashout CC By eGift Cards

How To Cashout CC By eGift Cards

eGift Certificate – This is a gift card/certificate that you can buy in the store and mail to someone. Then the one to whom you presented the card comes to the site and makes purchases and indicates the certificate code for payment.

Let’s get to the point that we need

1. Mail (2 qty)

Based on experience, I would advise making mail on yahoo, because Gmail may require verification to the mail and this is not convenient.

2. СС card

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We buy a card according to this criterion. Brand = VISA, Type = Credit, Subtype = Platinum. In terms of level, it’s better to take credit cards, as a rule, there is a balance there rather than on debit cards.

3. We need a dropper

And if more precisely, we need an address in the USA where we will order goods from the online store. You can read more about dropping methods here: 7 Drop Methods for carders

Regarding registration at the intermediary. Buy scan from sellers. It is better not to take from the network, as the intermediary can request your documents at any time, of course, you can draw them, but why pay more. So we take a set of documents from the seller and register an account on the intermediary according to this data. How To Cashout CC By eGift Cards.

4. We also need a tunnel, sock, and VPN.

На can actually be used VPN, tunnel, and sock to feel calmer. You don’t need to pick up anything under the zip card, the most important condition for it to be valid. Let’s go on socks and take some kind of tunnel. Copy ip and go to We look at it’s valid, if everything is fine, use it and go to, we close Web RTC and forward. To be honest, shopping doesn’t care for it at all, so you can change nothing and close it. After each use of the SS, clean the system with CCleaner.

5. And most importantly, we need a store where we where we will buy.

We use the ip – address USA, go to Google, and in the search line insert this golden phrase inurl: /giftcertificates.php and that’s it. Before her, write what interests you and go ahead. (wear / Nike / Adidas). In the search settings, you can also set the domain of the site, the language of the site, and the country of the store, so as not to look for extra stores.

Google will give us what we are looking for, namely, those stores that are made on the bigcommerce engine. We will work with them.

Now I’ll tell you how to pick up stores. The most important thing that interests us, first of all, is the “Gift Certificate” button.

In the example of this store. Most often it is on top, sometimes it happens below, but it should be. Just some of the stores are simply removed from the site.

So it seems to be absolutely necessary to understand, now go directly to work.

We find a store in which we’ll buy. Insert the address in the search engine and go through the search to the store. Now I’ll tell you how to fill it.

Now in order:

The recipient’s name is the name of the card recipient, i.e. the name to which you’ll then use the card and send it to the intermediary accordingly. So here we indicate the name to which the account was registered on the medium. Mail, respectively, is also the recipient. A letter with a certificate will come to it and then you’ll use the card from it, so don’t lose access.

Your name – here, respectively, the name and mail of the sender. We write the name from the card, and the mail indicates the one you registered yourself.

The amount is the denomination of the certificate. Here, first of all, we look at the product, its cost, and its quantity on the site. There should be a lot of goods. If the average price tag then feels free to put the amount of 300 $. If the price tag is higher, then you can put both 500 and 600 and 800, but again, don’t forget that there may not be enough balance on the card.

The theme of the card is always set: birthday and the message: Happy birthday.

So, that’s it. Click add to cart and go on.

Here we click Proceed to checkout, we don’t click on PayPal in any case. Farther.

You don’t need to register, click on the guest and go on.

Everything is simple, all the data except the mail we take from the card that we bought. The phone can be changed anywhere one digit. Next, click Bill to this address.

Here we don’t touch anything go further.

If you throw on a stick, then as I said, we leave this store.

Here we fill in all the data from the card and click to pay. If everything is good and the card is alive, it will be written thanks for the purchase and the order number, the better the number, it shows how many orders were in this store.

If everything went well, go to the recipient’s mail and there should already be a letter with a long-awaited card. This is the whole and the beauty of sites on the bigcommerce engine, that gift cards come as an attachment in a letter.

Of the 10 orders, gift cards arrive in the mail in 95% of cases.

The most difficult thing is behind, now this card needs to be cashed.

It is not necessary to cash the card immediately and be sure to time USA.

Here again, we will need a clean tunnel, and ideally, if it is under the intermediary’s zip, i.e. addresses to which the goods will be sent. If there are no tunnels under the zip we take under the city, if not, then we take under the state, but be sure to clean. We don’t need anything else. We go to the store.

I don’t advise taking a few things from one position, for example, 5 pairs of sneakers or 3 T-shirts, take only a few. You can forget about electronics, it is rarely expelled. Everything else can be taken.

Go to the store, choose a product and throw it in the basket, then go to make a purchase. We make out also through the guest, it is not necessary to register.

Here we fill in all the data from the data of the address you were given on the intermediary.

Writing a phone number is arbitrary, just pick the city code of the intermediary under the city. In the address number 2, insert the number of your cell at the intermediary, the goods will come to you, and put a tick that you want to send the parcel to this address. We go further.

That’s all on How To Cashout CC By eGift Cards

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