How to find cardholder’s DOB in different countries.

How to find cardholder’s DOB in different countries

How to find cardholder’s DOB

How to find cardholder’s DOB in different countries –

The first thing we do is drive the name of the holder and country of residence on

Click search and see the result. There may appear a large number of profiles on social networks and links to other resources. Several people appeared, reviewing each and choosing the most appropriate.

Then we go to Facebook and immediately we see the dob we need, rummaging a little more on the page, we can find MMN, relatives, wife or husband, children, a wheelbarrow, and in general, you can find a lot of interesting information.

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Moving to another profile of the same person. This is the so-called resume, where he indicated his school, university, place of work, and profession. In general, his little story of life or who he is in this world.

The rest of the links will be the same on social networks like myspace and hi5 or on sites where there was a coincidence of names. But not all people are on Facebook, someone is on myspace, Twitter, Bebo, or hi5. And in every social network, there are private pages, so that all this does not interfere with us, we make a couple of fakes in each social network, a man and a woman, respectively. Fakes should not be provocative, pictures of people are ordinary, not models and porn stars, but simply beautiful people that everyone would like to have as a friend, but it’s better to make a copy of a person’s page so that everything looks real. You can buy a couple of Facebook accounts to not bother with verification because on Facebook a large number of people simply will not add without tying the phone. We add as friends and find the necessary info, well, if that did not help, then we apply social engineering. You can also learn dob on Skype.

It’s all very simple, we also look for by name and country or by soap, sometimes the results show the address, which deprives us of any doubts about the quality of information

Another useful service from google:, where you can find the house holder, the nearest shops, universities, and libraries.

You can also search for what you need among telephone directories, there are also sites that provide a search by email, zip, by address. There are a lot of similar useful sites on the Internet. Here are just a small number of those that may come in handy: world world world USA

That’s all on How to find cardholder’s DOB in different countries.

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