How to identify tracking and throw off the tail? – 2022 GUIDE

How to identify tracking and throw off the tail? – 2022 GUIDE

How to identify tracking

Definition of “tail”.  Be careful and learn to recognize that you are being watched.  If you notice a tail, don’t show it.  “Bad guys” rarely wear loose-fitting raincoats with a belt.  Don’t expect to see a la Sam Spade.  Your tail will most likely be the person you least expect to see.  For example, a woman or an elderly person.  You need to identify the person or several people who most often catch your eye.

The tails work in shifts.  Don’t expect to see the same tail.  The surveillance is carried out by teams.  One person is walking directly behind you.  Others are slightly behind.  Other team members may follow you along parallel routes, across the street, or along a parallel street.  They can use cars or portable radios.

Permanent attributes and items.  The tail may carry a bag full of wigs, glasses, quick-change ties, and reversible jackets.  Try to concentrate on things like height and facial features.  Look at items and details of the clothing that cannot be quickly changed, for example, trousers or boots, as well as remember personal items, such as a ring or other jewelry.

Some techniques for conducting outdoor surveillance on a car

The surveillance vehicle may overtake you and stop so that you can catch up with it.  This usually occurs in heavy traffic.  The tail will always use the given situation to its advantage.

Headlight tricks(How to identify tracking and throw off the tail? – 2022 GUIDE)

Some surveillance teams arrange tricks with the headlights so that in the dark the car looks like a sedan, then like a motorcycle.  This is done using a switch.  In the off position, you will see a single headlamp in the rearview mirror.  This is done in order to make you believe that the suspicious sedan that you noticed earlier has left.

Taillight tricks.

Check your car’s rear lights.  If you find a small hole in one of them, it means that you are under surveillance.  This is an old trick that allows the tail to stay at a sufficient distance from the subject at night, even with very heavy traffic.  A perforated lantern will glow with a bright white spot rather than red or amber.  A seasoned professional can also insert a bright light bulb in one headlight of your car and leave a weaker one in another.  He can also just take out one of the bulbs.

Tracking devices(How to identify tracking and throw off the tail? – 2021 GUIDE)

Don’t underestimate the level of sophistication and ingenuity of the surveillance team.  A smart professional can glue a strip of reflective tape to your car’s bumper, or attach various miniature tracking devices and radio compasses.  Keep this in mind when checking your vehicle every day.

Increase your speed first, then slow down.

An inexperienced agent will put on the brakes in order to catch your pace of movement or will be at a loss, trying to disguise or somehow justify their maneuvers.  This technique can also work while walking.

Step aside and look around.

Capture the signs of people and the great features of the cars that follow you.  If you are driving in a car, try to remember the registration numbers of the cars that follow you.  Repeat this operation several times in order to determine who is constantly following you.  Remember that surveillance can be conducted in parallel by several teams on parallel routes and using radio communications.  The same person or car will not constantly turn after you, but eventually, they will reappear.  If you have calculated one “tail”, this does not mean that you have identified all.

Change the direction of travel often.

This way you can define multiple “tails”.  Get close to them, and record their distinctive features and other important details.  At the same time, your pursuers will understand that you have found them and will be forced to change the brigade.  Be on the lookout!

Stop by shop windows.

If you are walking, this gives you the opportunity, looking at the window, to discover the “tail”.

Enter the building and stop abruptly.  Your pursuer will be able to stop only after bumping into you.

Throw something on the floor or sidewalk.  Your pursuer will definitely stop picking up this item.

Take the subway or bus at the last minute.  You’ve probably seen this trick in the movies before.

If you are walking with another person, let him stop or back away.  This way you can check if someone is following you.

Check the amateur radio band and other radio frequencies.  Periodically look through the repertoire of radio stations in HF and VHF – you can hear a lot of interesting things about your person.

Change your appearance.  Enter the store quickly

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