Diebold Opteva 368 – Skimmer Kit




Diebold Opteva 368 – Skimmer Kit

A walk-up ATM with a through-the-wall design is the Diebold Opteva 368. This machine is available in a variety of safe configurations.


INCLUDED IN THE Diebold Opteva’s 368 – Skimmer Kit PACKAGE ARE:

1x Skimmer with manufactured GSM module.
1x Pin Pad with manufactured GSM module.
2x Cables for charging (Skimmer and Pin Pad)
2x Rechargeable battery (Skimmer and Pin Pad)
1x 3m two-side scotch tape to fix Skimmer and Pin Pad
1x CD (Software and User’s Manual)
1x MSR-X6 Magnetic Card Reader/Writer with 100 blank cards.



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