What is Credit Card BIN number?

What is Credit Card BIN number

What is Credit Card BIN number

ABOUT What is Credit Card BIN number?

What is Credit Card BIN number – Or how to find out the country of issue of the card by its number?

Using daily BIN and IIN codes, we do not even notice them and do not know what they are for, nor do we even suspect what their principles of work are. BIN – Bank Identification Number (BIN – Bank Identification Number) is included in the code of numbers placed on your bank cards and other banking products that you use.

BIN or bank identification number and IIN number (Issuer Identification Number – issuer identification number) mean the same thing. A BIN made up of the first six numbers of the card number is always located on the front of each plastic card, be it with a magnetic strip or with a chip.

Card readers for reading cards in the card identification process equally process card data using both a magnetic stripe and a chip. Card readers assume the transfer of data in accordance with the payment details. You carry out this process every time you pay for purchases at the store with a credit card.

All sorts of shops and institutions, such as pharmacies and all commercial enterprises that accept all types of bank cards, use the transfer and storage of card data using a BIN number. BIN or IIN numbers are ideal for tracking transactions no matter which card you use, Visa, MasterCard, Amerian Express, etc.

But why do shops that are not associated with credit cards need a BIN system? Most stores, from the grocery stand to the pharmacy, accept debit card payments. It is likely that they are dealing with the administration of other cards too. The BIN system helps shops to differentiate card codes and sort them by the corresponding network to whom they belong.

It is now clear that a system using a BIN database is useful for every commercial enterprise that deals with plastic cards. Using the BIN system means a quick transaction on any card, which means a quick payment operation. The base of BIN numbers has the potential to reduce the risk of card fraud. As you can see, the BIN system is useful in many ways for the benefit of companies and consumers.

That’s all What is Credit Card BIN number?

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