Carding like a pro with Documents

Carding like a pro with Documents

Carding like a pro

About Carding like a pro with Documents

This tutorial is for intermediates and semi-professionals so I’m not about to start getting into how to set up socks or how to buy cvv. But always have one thing in mind SAFETY/ANONYMITY first.

In today’s online carding just inputting your CVV details into merchants, the website isn’t enough to prove that you are really the card owner anymore. Regardless of how your card is, what is important to shop owners are proof that it is an authorized credit charge by the card owner. They want evidence and reasons to believe it is the owner of the card really making a purchase. Even now COB shops will still ask for verification.

There are thousands of lame newbie carders that have abused the online scene and the awareness is killing the scene. Just imagine how many carders in Romania, Ukraine & Russia alone do not talk to Vietnam and Paki’s. So you will never be the first person to card a shop. Unless you are like me that like carding stuff that is expensive but not a high-risk sale item. If you’ve ever read online merchant account manuals you will know what they call ‘HIGH-RISK ITEMS’ things that most common carders want or things that people think are handy and they can sell easily like electronics — laptops, cameras, video games, etc.

But imagine people like me who would card expensive mechanical parts of certain equipment

and other nonattractive things lol. The success rate is different. You need to find your niche.


After carding for an item; you’ve waited to see tracking because everything was well done. I.e matching state/city socks, computer time zone, etc, and then shops ask for documents. All you need is to buy ready-made document templates or make some quickly because timing is important. Unless you have a story of how you were out of town. These days orders get canceled in a few days without docs.

Below is an example of two documents that i used to card recently. When I was asked to provide CC front and back and authorization+proof of address before my order could go through. Since it’s my job I submitted docs within the hour


1. Templates which you can purchase from me on ICQ: If you can design your templates well fine

2. Image scanner; So you could make realistic signatures and draft handwritten authorization notes or complete forms by hand. You can also use them to scan in real plastics for modification.

3. Confidence to send an email or talk on the phone

Because it’s all about the confidence that’s what the trick is about.

That’s all on Carding like a pro with Documents

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