[tutorial] Rat Spreading Guide Updated For Beginners 

[tutorial] Rat Spreading Guide Updated

Rat Spreading Guide

I decided to make a huge tutorial on spreading to help the community. I will start with very basic and famous stuff like youtube and also a few advanced methods.

Things you need for rat spreading guide

  • a RAT (ready set-up, make sure it’s working)
  • a crypter (you will get a lot more victims if your server is FUD)
  • a filehost (for example fileave or dropbox)
  • a computer
  • a brain would not be bad ;D


1). Youtube

In my opinion the most famous and easiest method.
It is great if you want to target a special group like people with special accounts, for example, steam.

1. Go to youtube.com and register an account if not already done.
2. In my example I will target people with steam accounts, so I look for some videos with the title “Steam Hack” or “Black Ops Hack/Keygen” or something like that. You also can look for a PayPal hack video, you will find something you like.
3. When you found a good video, go to keephd.com and download the video in your preferred quality.
4. Then go back to youtube and upload the downloaded video.
5. While uploading, think about an attractive title for the video, for example, “Black Ops Keygen 100% Working !!!”. In the description put a small text, for example, a readme, and your server.exe download link.
6. When it’s uploaded you’re done.


-In the beginning, your views and downloads will only increase slowly but they raise fast and you get a good amount of downloads.
– It can help to use a youtube bot to increase views, thumps up, etc. to make your video more legit looking, or ask a few friends you have:D

2). Forums

In my opinion, it’s another simple method.
There are a lot of big and active forums to post some malware.
The best choice is forums with a lot of young members because they download everything they can get and that sounds cool and interesting (i am talking from my own experience:D).

1. Look for a big forum on google. It will come up a lot of them, I would take one from the first google page. The easiest Forums to spread are gaming/cheating forums because most of them are kids or teenagers.
2. Create a new account there with a cool username ( it should look trusting, not “l33t-haxxor” or “i hack you” ).
3. Design your profile with an avatar, signature, and some fake details like you want.
4. Make some HQ threads to catch the member’s attention and make you look more trusted.
5. After a time make a new thread about a new simple UD wallhack or a working keygen you coded in the last time. Make the thread attractive and detailed to catch the reader’s eye. You should add a detailed feature list, screenshots, and maybe a short video.
6. You are done. Wait for the first kids to download your file.


– Make multiple accounts to answer your thread and vouch for you. This account should also look legit to the others, so not 1-time posters or joined 1 minute before.

3). Torrents

Another easy method that will get some easy Bots for you.

1. Download a torrent program like BitTorrent here: http://www.bittorrent.com
2. Install BitTorrent if not already done
3. Go to file -> Create new Torrent
4. Look for your file and select it. Now a new torrent with your file will be created.
5. Go to a famous torrent site like Piratebay.org
6. Upload your new torrent to the site with a detailed description. As the title choose something like a PayPal hack or a BF3 Beta keygen, something that will attract many people.

4). Omegle

This is more complicated because you dont get that many downloads, you have to work for each one.
There are different Omegle methods, you only can post your server link to each of them and say it’s a photo package, but that’s not working well.
I give you a better method. I think many will know it:

1. Download the program ManyCam which allows you to use a virtual webcam.
2. Install Manycam
3. Download this video pack of a girl. It can wave and do some other things. Download: http://www.mediafire…537r339533bea13
(this is not my video package, but I used it a few times. Thanks to whoever posted this:D)
4. Start Omegle, as soon as you get into a conversation with somebody go to your many cams and start the ‘Wave’ clip. So it waves at the person and looks very legit.
5. Start a conversation about some normal things with him/her.
6. After that ask if he/she wants to see some pictures.
7. Sent him your server.exe or your JavaDriveBy and you’re done if he opened it.

– If you fail, you can retry as often as you want
– You should replace the server.exe icon with a jpg icon and may hide the file ending to make it more legit.

5). JavaDriveBy

JavaDriveBys are great. You put them on a site and everyone who visits this site downloads a hidden file and executes it. If your server is FUD, Most people will not notice something is wrong.
I will present you with a very simple java drive-by, you can search the forums to find more advanced ones.

1. Go to the dot.tk
2. In the URL field enter your direct server link.
3. After loading the URL, you can change the name of the URL to something good-looking, for example, “PayPal-hack.tk” or “naughty-nude-girls.tk”.
4. After getting this link you can spread it everywhere you want.

-You can spread this with the help of other methods in this tutorial. Say you made a cool new website with a lot of hacking tools and software or you want to show your new website and people will click on it because they are interested in your site.

6). PTC Sites

PTC sites are sites that pay you for visiting links or sites for a short time.
For this method, we will use a JavaDriveBy that we will advertise on a PTC site for a low amount of money. You will get 2000 views on your link for only $1

1. First of all make your JavaDriveBy ready to work.
2. Then look for a big PTC company. Many of them are scams, but there are a few ones that are ok. I take the site paidtoclick.in
3. Make a new account there and make it ready to work.
4. Click on the advertise button
5. Click on the “Buy Now” Button beside the “Link ad Hits”. Try with $1
6. Create a new link with a title you want, for example, money-making software or something like that.
7. Put your JavaDriveBy into the target URL field. Leave the rest blank.
8. Then pay for it and wait for the victims

-The more money you invest the more victims you get.
-Try to do it on diffrent PTC sites that are activ.

7). Auto Spreader

Auto Spreaders or worms are a helpful thing in spreading.
You put your file on a little server and it spreads itself from every victim to other people.
Many worms use facebook, msn, 4chan and other communities or chat programs to spread itself.
You can spread your worm with the help of the methods
above and you will multiple your victims
and spreading work.

Thats all on [tutorial] rat spreading guide

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